West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

Next one May 9, 2020 – presented by West Seattle Blog

Let the sale registrations begin!

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on April 10, 2008

Our first registrations are in! We’ve also uploaded the printable form in case you want to print and fill it out and mail it in (deadline for us to receive it is April 25, please don’t wait till the last minute). So here are the important links:

Easy, simple, quick: Go here for online registration and payment

Rather mail it in? Download printable form to fill out and send with check

*Remember to have your 10-word (or less) ad ready when you register – this is how your sale will be described on the printable and downloadable map that will be available a few days before The Big Day.

(If you are new to the area or hadn’t heard of this before – we’ve had the question once today already – this is NOT one big sale at one location; this is dozens of sales (hey, hundreds if that many people sign up – it’s been more than 100 the past few years) all over West Seattle, on the same day, as a fun event to build community and draw visitors from elsewhere.)

4 Responses to “Let the sale registrations begin!”

  1. add said

    It took me a while to find the cost for registration- it’s buried in a post from a few days ago. Can you add it to the How Does it Work or Registration tab? Thanks! Looking forward to the fun day!

  2. westseattlegaragesale said

    Great idea, have added to How Does It Work for starters. We built the bones of this site before we had firmed up some of those details so we need to scrub it now to make sure all the info is accessible.

  3. Beth Mattern said

    We have only a few items for a garage sale. How do we donate them to a charity organization so that they can sell them in the W. Seattle Community Garage Sale?

  4. westseattlegaragesale said

    Hi, Beth. The North Delridge Neighborhood Council is taking donations for its group sale, I believe – but also, if you want to think about selling your items in a group area, Hotwire Coffee is going to set one up.

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