West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

Next one May 12, 2018 – presented by West Seattle Blog

Countdown continues: Miscellaneous preparations …

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 6, 2008

Notes in no particular order, from your West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day headquarters:
-Wanted to print the map in color but that would be about $2,000, they tell us. Darn.
-Deciding whether dot icons or pushpin icons look better on the map, especially considering the black/white factor.
-For all the ads we’ve placed and announcements we’ve sent out, the unexpected mentions are happy surprises – Still tickled with the West Seattle Motors scrolling sign on Fauntleroy; also got a mention today from the AM 1090 “green” blog.
-Lot of moving sales on the list. Even one “leaving country” sale!
-Remember that if you have any questions/concerns, you are welcome to call us, 206/293-6302.
-Two-thirds of Team WSB is out with more flyers right now … finally time for utility poles too … didn’t want to do that too soon for risk of early littering. We will be on flyer cleanup patrol starting Sunday, don’t worry.
-Forecast looks a little iffy but we know how tough it is to forecast accurately around here so we’re not going to even fret about it till Friday … if then. THINK SUN!!!!


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