West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

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Announcing … THE MAP!!!! (Printable version + interactive version)

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 8, 2008


OK, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. First:

Shoppers: Please do not contact sellers before 9 am Saturday. Thank you!

Sellers: PLEASE review the map at your earliest convenience. We have checked and doublechecked and triplechecked our lists of online and by-mail registrants and are very hopeful that (a) no one was left off and (b) none of the few on-time cancellations are still on the map. If either type of error happened, we apologize and here’s the semi-good news – That’s what websites are for. We prominently wrote on the cover page of the printed map, IF YOU HAVE COMPUTER ACCESS, CHECK WESTSEATTLEGARAGESALE.COM FOR UPDATES, so if we made a mistake, we can correct it here. One update so far: We did get a late emergency cancellation; please cross 5111 SW Hudson off the PDF and preprinted map versions. (We have taken it off the Google map.)

Now, THE MAP, two versions:
PDF 8-page download:
This is the same version we have printed and distributed to pickup locations (listed on this page). If you have access to a printer, please print your own copy here, so there are enough preprinted maps for people without computer/printer access. If you are a seller, consider printing a few extras to have on hand for shoppers who turn up Saturday and don’t realize it’s WSCGSD.

Clickable Google Map for your online exploration:
This one doesn’t print out so well, but it can’t be beat for online viewing, clicking on sale sites, zooming in on certain neighborhoods much more closely than we could do with the printed version, maybe even calculating directions to your favorites. You can navigate it two ways: Click on a spot on the map to bring up a “balloon” with its exact address and the “ad.” Or, using the list of addresses on the side of the page, click on an address and it will take you to that spot on the map.

We are adding all this information to the “How to Get the Garage Sale Day Map” page on this site, as well (click to it any time from the navigation bar beneath the page header). If you have any questions or problems related to anything about West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, please call us at 206/293-6302, or e-mail us at garagesale@westseattleblog.com — Once it’s all said and done, we will be soliciting feedback for how to make next year even better, too; this is our first year organizing it, so definitely a learning process, even with the great basic template Megawatt previously had going.

Last mention – remember the contests – “Most Unusual Item” (shoppers and sellers can enter; send a photo after the sale ends 3 pm Saturday, tell us where you bought or sold it) gets the $40 Hotwire Coffee card, “Best Sign” gets the Illusions Hair Design certificate (sitting here in a beautifully ribboned gift box already) – send us a photo of your sign. We’ll announce the winners Monday night.

Keep checking back – more to come including more of the sale highlights, now that the map is public, plus on Saturday we will have continuous coverage of the events (photos, text, video) here and at West Seattle Blog.88

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