West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

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10 days to go – West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day progress report

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on April 29, 2009


The map gets built first in Google Maps before other work is done to turn it into the official guide. See all those markers? That’s what the peninsula looks like – before we were even HALF done inputting all the sales. Wow. Also interesting, reading all the sale listings as we drop them into the map – like this one:

NEWER, NICE items! Wife must part with stuff – not husband!

Glad to hear they’re staying together. Also noting some sellers are offering treats – and there are some unique items, like one sale offering a Toyota 4Runner.

P.S. Want to help distribute the official poster? It’s 11 x 17. Tack one up at your church, school, workplace (even if it’s not in West Seattle – we’re advertising this far and wide). Download it here.

Other notes of interest … there are at least two sales at ActivSpace (Harbor Ave just north of The Bridge) – Shotridge Studios and Riverhouse Creperie, which is offering free gelato if you “shop (there)” (on WSCGSD of course).

3 Responses to “10 days to go – West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day progress report”

  1. Annie said

    Do I remember that there’s a contest for the best signage?

    • westseattlegaragesale said

      Yes – best sign, most unusual item sold, most unusual item bought, so far, we may add another 🙂

  2. HS said

    Love the ad!

    The map looks fantastic.

    I’ve been electronicizing our sale, in case anyone wants to purchase “hot ticket” items now and pick up on WSCGSD.

    Click here to view.

    I will continue to add and update leading up to the sale.

    We moved here a year ago, and the items are all in great condition…they just don’t fit in our new house.

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