West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

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First look at the 2009 West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day map – online-only version

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 3, 2009

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, May 9, 2009Caveat – this is the Google Map *online only, does-not-print-well* version. We gave out 200 copies of the printed version at today’s Sustainable West Seattle Festival, but are trying to tweak the map display a little before (a) printing more copies for distribution to local pickup spots tomorrow and (b) linking the PDF for you to download and print your own copy. That said, in case you have some time to spare tonight, we are offering you THIS version of the map in case you want an early look at whether there are sales near your house, sales with any particular items you’re looking for, etc. PLEASE – honor the fact that these sales are 9 am-3 pm next Saturday, and don’t contact anyone sooner – we made the map earlier this year (the previous four years, it was available just for a couple days ahead of the sale day) mostly just in hopes earlier availability would help shoppers plan better. Also note: While the sales are numbered, the list in the left margin of the map is NOT in order (the numbering was done north to south after entering all the addresses) – to navigate the map, use the scale on the left side of the window to zoom in and out, and when you see a sale number you want a closer look at, click the place marker (this is best done when zoomed in VERY closely, as the place markers have invisible edges beyond the circles) and it will open a “balloon” with the exact address and the short sale description. OR – look at the list in the left margin and when you see a sale you want to find, click the address line, and you will be taken to that spot on the map. Again, here’s the link to the Google Map online-only version. We will let you know tomorrow when we have the printable version ready – the sales have the same numbers, but otherwise the layout is very different, designed for use as a physical document.


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