West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

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2 cancellations – please scratch off your “printable” map

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 6, 2010

Sales 105 and 149 have now canceled because of last-minute problems – we can’t take them off the printable map but if you have already printed yours, please scratch them off – we HAVE deleted them off the Google Map, which will continue to be updated as needed up till sale day. That still leaves not only 198 sale locations BUT also hundreds more sellers through the group sites. Coming later today: School sales in the spotlight! P.S. Weather looks good for Saturday – “partly sunny” !

3 Responses to “2 cancellations – please scratch off your “printable” map”

  1. Lissa Stephens said

    Is there any way to add sales? We’re going to post in the Blog “Forums” section, but didn’t know if there was a better place to list. My friend missed the Garage Sale sign-up deadline. Three families are joing together in the 5900 block of 46th SW.

    Also, do you know if there are any other community groups that might be collecting un-sold items? Years ago when they lived in Burien, my parents had a garage sale. Early on the day of the sale two young ladies stopped by, said they were Highline High cheerleaders and that they would be happy to collect un-sold items at the end of the day as they were later going to have a big rummage sale in order to make money to purchase new cheer uniforms. They said it was great because people were happy to have them pick up the un-sold items for free just to be rid of the leftovers, most of the items were already priced and they wre able to arrange to pick-up at quite a few sales. I have always thought that was a smart and enterprising group of young people.

    Thank you for all your hard work putting this information together!

    • westseattlegaragesale said

      gg – we have a few printed maps available at Hotwire Coffee, Junction and Delridge Neighborhood Service Centers, Senior Center, Bird on a Wire Espresso …

      Lissa – No more additions to the map – the person added today had registered and paid but I screwed up in not getting her sale on the map. But you are welcome to post your sale in the WSB Forums Freebies/Deals/Sales section.

      Re: pickup – Northwest Center is our unofficial partner – but you’d want to schedule a pickup for Monday or beyond. Or take to their dropoff spot at Edmunds/44th right after the sale.

  2. Lissa Stephens said

    Thank you for the information and all of the hard work you do for the West Seattle community.

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