West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

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WSCGSD 2010, the aftermath: 1 man, 52 sales!

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 8, 2010

Brian reported on Facebook that he’d been to 52 of today’s almost-200 sales – we asked how in the world he managed that, and here’s his reply:

“I was on my scooter which allowed me to move fast through neighborhoods. There were several stops where there were three yard sales at one stop and lots of unofficial yard sales next to each other. I saw only one official yard sale sign posted. I ran out of money and went home. I spent five hours riding around so it worked out to 10.4 an hour or six min per stop. Many of the sales I could stop at the curb and view all the stuff and just take off. I avoided lots of traffic jams and parking issues by not being in a car. At one yard sale a guy thought my bike was for sale because I parked on the side walk. I started up in Gatewood neighborhood and worked my way all the way down to the junction. “


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