West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

Next one May 14, 2022 – presented by West Seattle Blog

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2011 countdown … 12 days to go!

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 2, 2011

We are in the throes of mapmaking, and no final count yet but it appears to be around 250 sales. In all, between the group sites, the block sales, the fundraisers, the school sales, we’re talking probably more than 1,000 people selling – and we expect tens of thousands of buyers. If you somehow missed all the registration reminders, so sorry to say that it is just too late to get a standalone sale on the map ***BUT*** the group sites still have tables – we know the VFW Hall has room (e-mail Commander Ron Zuber at rzuber@clearwire.net) and Hotwire has lots of spillover room into the adjacent Ginomai lot, e-mail info@hotwirecoffee.com – you can also check with C & P Coffee and Cycle University. Meantime, the map will be out sometime this Saturday, giving you a full week to browse the listings, look for sales near you (so many, you can probably even travel on foot!)


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