West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

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2011 map status update

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 7, 2011

5 pm Saturday – we are still working – the 260-sale list blew up the Google version we had spent the past week working on (Google is how we made the last three years’ maps, no problem) so we’ve moved everything over to a more stable mapping system. Our apologies for the delay – since we’ve done everything the same way the last three years with great success and smooth sailing, there was no reason to believe a road bump would emerge, but it did. The online version will still be available first and we’ll post that link as soon as we have checked and doublechecked to make sure everyone’s there; then we use the online version as a base for the printable version.

We can’t stress enough, though – IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE FOUND THE MAP ONLINE SOMEWHERE, YOU HAVE NOT. You have found either a previous year’s map, or maybe despite our best efforts to keep it “unpublished,” some part of this year’s work in progress.

When the OFFICIAL link is ready for prime time, it will be here with big bold lettering announcing it’s ready for perusal. Thanks for your patience. – Tracy

P.S. Shoppers and sellers are talking on the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Facebook page – if you want to mention something special about YOUR sale, or if you want to post that you are looking for something in particular, in hopes of finding who has it – you are welcome to post on the wall! The page’s direct address is facebook.com/westseattlegaragesaleday.


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