West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

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Yes, we’re doing it again this year!

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on January 29, 2012

Just got a question in our main site’s e-mail asking if we’re doing it again this year. OF COURSE! May 12th, 2012, mark your calendars. More a bit later in the year .. registration will not be open for some weeks 🙂

3 Responses to “Yes, we’re doing it again this year!”

  1. Maryann Petrocelli said

    Thank you for continuing the tradition! Warms my Megawatt heart! 🙂

  2. Crystal said

    This will be our first WSCGSD and we are really excited about it. The only problem we have is that it specifically stated in our lease that we cannot hold any yard/ garage sales on this property. I am wondering if anyone would be willing to let us piggy back their sale? We have tons of great stuff we are holding onto in anticipation! We are in highland park/ south delridge and willing to set up in any nearby neighborhood. Thanks for any ideas!

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