West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

Next one May 8, 2021 – presented by West Seattle Blog

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Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 13, 2012

13 hours past closing time and we’re not sure we’ve recovered yet from West Seattle Community Garage Sale 2012. We decided to cover it as more of a travelogue (see the story and photos here), weaving a few contributed photos in with pictures we took while stopping at a dozen-plus sites … may not sound like much out of 245 but we were on the road continuously for five hours, with WSB co-publisher Patrick Sand driving, and hopping out to take photos and say hi, while your editor here (Tracy Record) kept downloading photos, writing, and updating the story from the passenger seat. By 2 pm, even our backup power was out, and we needed a little sustenance too, so it was back to the barn. The post-sale reports have been fun to read, and it was fun to see that people were really were out and about browsing, buying, and best of all, mingling … while reading news on the Web (our main business) is generally a solitary pursuit, we do seek to support the community by promoting events and activities that get people out and about, interacting, and this certainly counts. Next year’s date – May 11th!

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