West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

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Online version of the 2013 West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day map IS LIVE!

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 4, 2013

SATURDAY MORNING: It’ll have its own page here on the WSCGSD site in a bit, but for starters, find the ONLINE version of the map on our parent site West Seattle Blog by going here. Please note a few things (all also mentioned on the map page):

*If you are a seller, your official “number” is the one you see on the map/list – helpful so you can tell people, for shorthand, “Come see us – we’re sale #xx”

*To get the online map in a mobile-friendly version, use this link with your phone’s browser – you can even get the list full-phone-screen and click on individual sales for the address, description, and directions (probably best deployed if you head out next Saturday with a list of which sale numbers you most want to check out!).

The printable map/list will be ready this weekend too, but we always get the online/clickable version out first. Happy Garage Sale Day planning! Questions? garagesale@westseattleblog.com

SUNDAY NIGHT P.S. Our map software provider is working on an issue with the printable appearance of the map, so that version is still some hours away. The sale numbers and descriptions are the same as on the online map – it has ALL the information – only difference is that it is not configured to print well, so that’s why we create a separate, multipage-PDF version as a “packet” of info you can take along if you choose. Thanks for your patience!

2 Responses to “Online version of the 2013 West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day map IS LIVE!”

  1. denise said

    HIya. I just used the map, but there is no search feature showing up anywhere near the top per the tips. Thanks!

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