West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

Next one May 14, 2022 – presented by West Seattle Blog

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day registration update: 120+ sales!

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on April 12, 2014

About a week and a half left to go before the registration deadline, four weeks until sale day, and as of this very moment (drum roll,please) … 126 sales are signed up – big, small, inbetween – so another great day is definitely in store! If you’re just finding out about this, we (publishers of West Seattle Blog) coordinate the annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, second Saturday in May, which means May 10th this year, and registration is open until April 23rd – so if you’re interested in having a sale, sign up here! If you don’t have room for one, or don’t have all that much stuff, check in with Hotwire Online Coffeehouse in The Junction or C & P Coffee Company between Alaska and Morgan Junctions – both are group sites with room for multiple sellers. And if you love shopping but don’t really need anything … we’ll have an option for you too – WestSide Baby is going to be out with a wish list of items you can shop for and then donate, same-day. More to come!


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