West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

Next one May 13, 2017 – presented by West Seattle Blog

  • WSB on Twitter

    • @Duraraross Update, just asked my partner if anyone texted about it and he said it was described as a fight w/ people hanging around outside 5 hours ago
    • @alainabuzas apparently some kind of fight, according to a text I just found out my partner got. aid (low-level medical) call resulted. 5 hours ago
    • @Duraraross sorry, we were both in transit. will see if I can find out. looks like there was an aid (low-level medical) call at the 7-11. 5 hours ago
    • The focus group that includes Admiral reps (another of the 4 West Seattle urban villages) meets Thursday seattle.gov/hala/focus-gro… 6 hours ago
    • Focus group meeting about #HALA rezones is wrapping up. OPCD rep saying they are looking at an online webinar format for next meeting. 6 hours ago

Another option for donations during/after WSCGSD

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 8, 2014

The Shop ‘n’ Shop Thrift Shop below the Senior Center of West Seattle wants you to know:

During and after the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, the West Seattle Senior Center’s Stop n Shop Thrift store will be taking donations of any unwanted and unsold garage sale merchandise during extended business hours of 10-7 pm. The Stop n Shop Thrift shop will have extra volunteers on staff to help you unload your unsold items so you don’t have to drag them back into your homes! All proceeds from donated items help to fund the Senior Center’s many wonderful programs and opportunities for our local seniors. Please consider us before you put all that unwanted stuff back into your garage. Just pull up out front or back, we’ll do all the rest. Thank you!

Out back would be the alley running south of Oregon between California and 42nd.

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