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Yard Sale Bingo: ‘The Youngstown Crew’ shares their game

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 10, 2014

Late last night, continuing to get ready for today’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (9 am-3 pm, find the maps here), we received this note:

Each year, we play “West Seattle Yard Sale Bingo” and people we meet love the bingo cards we make. I thought I’d send along photos of our yard sale bingo cards in case anyone else wants to print them and play along.

Five separate cards are attached. Items are repeated on different cards, so our rules are:

1. You may not mark an item on your bingo card unless someone else in the group sees the item to verify.

2. Only the first person to spot the item may mark it on their card.

3. Only one item per yard sale counts: for instance “martini glass” appears on two cards, but only the first person to call it gets to mark it, even if there is more than one martini glass at the yard sale.

Hope we have good weather!


The Youngstown yardsale bingo crew
Joe, Karen, David, and Erin

If you’d like to play along, here are the five cards:


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