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REMINDER: The 2015 WSCGSD map’s not out until May 2nd

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on April 26, 2015

A couple WSCGSD 2015 sellers have contacted us saying they saw a map somewhere and are concerned that they’re not on it. Please note that **this year’s map is not out yet** so if you saw a map somewhere (maybe something Google grabbed onto in recent years) – it’s NOT this year’s map – look closely; we label every year’s map very clearly with its year, just in case something like this happens. As mentioned in every update we’ve published and in all communications with sellers – we take about a week post-registration to shine everything up (fix address formats, proofread the ads, contact sellers with questions if we have any) and get the map together, and as soon as it’s ready, we’ll announce it here, on our main site West Seattle Blog, on our WSB social channels, etc., and it will be clearly labeled 2015 WEST SEATTLE COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE DAY MAP. Thanks so much – 13 days to go!


2 Responses to “REMINDER: The 2015 WSCGSD map’s not out until May 2nd”

  1. ANN said


  2. westseattlegaragesale said

    Today is Saturday, May 2nd, and the map will be out by day’s end, one week in advance of the actual sale day, which is next Saturday, May 9th.

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