West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

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Yes, the map is ready for 2018 West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day!

Posted by westseattlegaragesale on May 5, 2018

Just a quick note for starters – the map IS ready! The printable version, with all 300+ listings, is here; the clickable/zoomable online version is here! One week to sale day – more to say later!

3 Responses to “Yes, the map is ready for 2018 West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day!”

  1. Reg Miles said

    Hullo, I left a question comment but received no answer. Is anyone actually replying to questions posted here? Or is this just a dead end?

    My questions was, is there somewhere, anywhere, where I can find some curb space to host a garage sale during this event? Suggestions please before it’s too late!

    • westseattlegaragesale said

      Sorry, this is an old post so just saw this. Only site that had (may still have, I don’t know) open spaces was The Kenney.

      • Reg Miles said

        Sorry, I didn’t see the date. Can you point me to the right (current) post on your blog where I might find those who may have any other suggestions to offer me? The last time that I participated there sere many options.

        Many thanks

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